Denmark-based Union Engineering has been appointed as supplier of the carbon dioxide (CO2) system for a new forest research project in the UK.

For the next ten years, the University of Birmingham’s pioneering Institute of Forest Research (BIFoR) will be investigating the effect of an elevated CO2 level on trees and the surrounding ecosystem in nearby Staffordshire.

The study will take place at a new research plant in Staffordshire, considered to be one of the largest and most comprehensive Free-Air Carbon dioxide Enrichment (FACE) facilities in the world.

Through its main contractor, the Shaylor Group, the University of Birmingham has appointed Union Engineering as supplier of the CO2 system for the project, utilising the Danish company’s more than 80 years of experience in storing, handling and controlling CO2.

Union designed and constructed a complete detailed custom plant for the specific needs and requirements of the project. The complete installation is established inside the Staffordshire forest, meeting all of the crucial criteria: flawless installation; long operation time; easy maintenance; and low power consumption.

A crucial parameter in the installation was the need to leave no visible signs of its previous existence once the project has reached completion and all equipment is removed. It was therefore necessary, Union explained, to design a solution that does not require a concrete foundation or any other parts that might leave ‘scars’ in the forest.