Union Engineering has installed a sustainable carbon dioxide (CO2) recovery plant on the island of Mauritius for Gaz Carbo, a leading provider of food grade CO2 on the island for beverage applications.

Gaz Carbo has been supplying a range of gases for over 55 years and has been self-sufficient in CO2 production for several decades; with the exception of a local brewery, it is the only CO2 producer on the island.

The company recently entered into an agreement with Omnicane, a leading player in the Mauritius sugarcane industry. Aiming to develop more sustainable CO2 production, Gaz Carbo will take advantage of syngas from the ethanol production of Omnicane and purify this to food grade CO2.

As a result, the island – sitting in the Indian Ocean some 2,000km east of Africa – is now home to a new 500kg/h CO2 recovery plant from Union Engineering. The plant includes Union’s patented CO2-Scrub technology which purifies CO2 without using water, and is prepared for production up to 1,000kg/h.

Gaz Carbo had previously visited various Union Engineering installations to learn more about the CO2-Scrub technology and ensure that it could remove the necessary impurities of the raw gas from the ethanol production.

Arnaud Lagane, Factory Manager of Gaz Carbo, commented, “We were convinced that despite the fact that it is a simple CO2 plant, this was the right technology for us. Both the installation and the start-up went as scheduled, and any concerns we may have had regarding the technology have been laid to rest.”

“The purified CO2 exceeds the strictest demands and is suitable for Coca-Cola and other food grade applications.”

Gaz Carbo has been a supplier of over-the-fence CO2 for Coca-Cola for a number of years.