Union Process, Inc., manufacturer of particle size reduction and dispersing equipment, has launched a newly designed pilot-sized mill for cryogenic grinding with a specially designed stainless steel insulated cryogenic milling chamber.

The new pilot-sized mill

The new pilot-sized mill

Source: Union Process

Chuck Major, Sales Manager for Union Process, noted, “This unique mill features a special cryogenic controller with temperature probe to help maintain a consistent liquid nitrogen level in the milling chamber.”

The S5 pilot-sized mill has a cryogenic cover with vent and phase separator, along with two charging ports for added versatility. The mill has an actuated ball valve assembly that enables remote discharge of the liquid nitrogen slurry.

Featuring a 10 HP explosion-proof motor and electricals, the mill also has a variable frequency drive to control agitator speed. The drive displays Hz, RPM and HP. An operator station is mounted on the unit with start/stop push buttons and a speed potentiometer.