QuestAir Technologies Inc. announced today that it has received an order valued at approximately $1m for an H-3100 hydrogen pressure swing adsorption (PSA) system, placed by Japan’s Iwatani International Corporation (Iwatani).

Iwatani is Japan's leading supplier of merchant hydrogen and the PSA will be used in a new hydrogen recovery project at an as yet undisclosed location in Japan.

QuestAir’s H-3100 PSA product (formerly marketed under the HyQuestor brand) purifies gas streams containing hydrogen to high-purity hydrogen, for use in a range of industrial and petrochemical processes. The company’s PSA process and proprietary rotary valve technology delivers higher efficiency than conventional PSA systems in a more compact, reliable, cost-effective package and since 1997, QuestAir has sold over 30 H-3100 plants to customers in Europe, Japan and North America.

Jonathan Wilkinson, President and CEO of QuestAir, reflected on this latest order as he said, “Hydrogen recovered from industrial sources has an extremely low greenhouse gas footprint when compared to more conventional methods of hydrogen production. Iwatani has shown great leadership in the development of low cost, low-carbon sources of hydrogen for both industrial and fuel cell customers in Japan.”