United Hydrogen (UHG) are undergoing a cryogenic hydrogen (H2) expansion at UHG’s Charleston, Tennessee H2 supply centre.

The first low cost ultra-high purity (99.999%) liquid H2 deliveries are planned for the 3rd quarter of 2018 to supplement United’s current gaseous H2 deliveries.

UHG is a H2 production and distribution specialist servicing Fortune 500 companies and major automobile manufacturers for the past 10 years. Headquartered in Canonsburg, Penslyvania, UHG operates a production facility in Charleston, Tennessee.

The company is pursuing opportunities to supply H2, both gaseous and liquid, to wholesale applications. UHG is focusing on H2 supply, to both the growing fuel cell market, and the traditional uses for H2 such as for power generation, hydrogenation, and metals processing.

UHG produces, distributes, and markets Ultra High Purity (UHP – 99.9999%) and commercial-grade H2 in a range of applications, with a focus in H2 supply to the wholesale marketplace. Operating since 2008, UHG currently has assets consisting of a H2 processing and compressor plant that supply finished product to a diverse customer base. The plant is located on site with Olin Corporation, a chemical company which produces chlorine and by-product H2 gas by electrolysis of brine. UHG has secured a long-term supply agreement for this zero-carbon source by-product H2. UHG’s gaseous processing facility cleans the H2 to purity greater than 99.95% and supplies its customers using high volume, high-pressure tube trailers for distribution and in mid-2018 will have its liquefier on-stream providing additional volumes of liquid H2 for economical use by larger industrial gas customers with purity as high as 99.999%.