The US Fuel Cell Council, USFCC and the National Hydrogen Association, NHA, have joined forces to encourage the commercial uptake of fuel cells and hydrogen energy technologies.
The two associations have now combined to form the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association, FCHEA and will be led by President and Executive Director, Ruth Cox. The unified body is to operate from headquarters in Washington, DC and is expected to help drive clean energy appropriation.
As a result of the merger, the FCHA now boasts membership which represents the entire supply chain. Cox remarked, “Bringing the two organisations together to form the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association will give us the critical mass necessary to help shape the clean energy agenda.”
“Study after study has shown that fuel cells and hydrogen are essential to meeting our environmental, economic, energy and national security goals.”
Some of the current proponents of fuel cells include brands such as Coca-Cola, Google, FedEx, Walmart, Sheraton, Hilton, Staples and eBay. Mike Hicks, FCHEA Co-Chairman and Fuel Cell Engineer at Idatech, LLC, commented, “Fuel cells are the cleanest, most efficient and unobtrusive way to harness the power of hydrogen. The FCHEA will focus on supporting growth in early markets and commercialising fuel cells and hydrogen energy wherever they can add value to the 21st century’s clean energy architecture.”