Uno-X Hydrogen AS, a Nel ASA joint venture, has taken another step towards enabling the wide-spread use of H2-fuelled vehicles throughout Norway after being awarded a multi-million-dollar to deploy further infrastructure in the country.

Having been given a grant of NOK 19.8m ($2.5m) from Norwegian public enterprise Enova SF, Uno-X Hydrogen will expand the country’s H2 network with a production facility and two H2 fuelling stations.

It is understood that Uno-X Hydrogen is working together with major fleet users such as Hordaland Regional Government, Bergen County and Bergen Taxi, to contribute to the growing H2 economy with a fleet of more than 20 H2 vehicles already ordered.

“The market for hydrogen fuelling solutions is in an exciting growth phase”

Jon André Løkke, CEO of Nel

Jon André Løkke, CEO of Nel, stated, “The market for H2 fuelling solutions is in an exciting growth phase. This will enable important public and private fleet users to include H2 as a zero-emission fuel for their vehicle fleet. The support is also a positive signal from the government in recognising H2 as an important zero-emission fuel for the Norwegian transport sector.”

This latest deal ramps up Uno-X Hydrogen’s commitments to the country’s H2 infrastructure, building upon its strategic alliance with a Norwegian affiliate of Praxair to roll out a further 20 H2 refuelling stations, which was signed in May.