Helium supplied by Linde North America will be used to inflate the famous helium-filled balloons that will be parading down the streets of New York City, for the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, to be held on 27th November.

This will be the 82nd parade of its kind, which attracts over 50 million television viewers across the country and over 3 million spectators lining the Parade route, which stretches for two and a half miles down the streets of the city.

The world-famous balloons which will be the highlight of the Parade are filled with helium to give them their much-needed lift and wow the audience.

John Piper, Vice President, Macy’s Parade Studio, said, “Our giant helium character balloons are the signature of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Each year, we partner with Linde for our helium supply that will bring our world-famous character balloons to life.”

Linde North America, part of The Linde Group will be supplying the helium for the giant balloons. The event marks the official start of the holiday season for Americans.

Steve Penn, Head of Global Helium for Linde, said, “The Parade is a national institution that people across the country look forward to year after year. We are proud of our longstanding partnership with Macy’s and are delighted to work with them to keep improving the Parade for everyone’s enjoyment.”

Linde has been providing helium for the balloons for the past 14 years. It will also be Linde’s second consecutive year in recycling some of the helium used in the balloons which are on exhibition.

“Linde’s recovery and recycling efforts will positively impact the conservation of helium. Macy’s has worked hand in hand with us to reduce the total amount of helium it uses year-on-year. Now Linde is applying helium recovery principles used successfully in other industries and in last year’s parade to increase the amount of helium that can be recaptured for recycling,” Penn added.

The helium used in the balloons floating over the Big Apple on Thursday, begins life in the heartland of America. Crude helium is piped from its sources in Kansas and Texas, to Linde’s helium production facilities in Otis, the second biggest plant in the world.

After purification the helium is then turned into a gas and compressed into two high-pressure tube trailers, which are then trucked across the country to New York, ready to be used to inflate the balloons.