The Gases Division of The Linde Group has announced that it will launch a new and improved version of its CARBOJET product solution at TUBE 2008 in Dusseldorf, Germany.

With high speed gas injection, CARBOJET makes it possible to alter the furnace atmosphere and create gas circulation, which improves convection and increases both the heat and carbon transfer rates. The patented CARBOJET high speed nozzles utilise only 1m3 of gas to alter 30m3 of furnace atmosphere, with companies such as Sennestahl GmbH in Bielefeld, Germany having achieved remarkable cost savings with this system solution.

CARBOJET can eliminate a major disadvantage of regular furnaces, because the solution enables a stable atmosphere in furnaces that have no ventilators. At Sennestahl GmbH in Bielefeld, the technology was installed with two pit furnaces in August 2006 and in January 2007 and resulted in significant savings on maintenance costs.

Dietmar Holzenbecher, Production Manager, Sennestahl explained, “Broken ventilators are now history. I am absolutely convinced that this technology is a success in our rugged, non-stop operation. We’ve already seen a noticeable reduction in maintenance costs, which wouldn’t have been possible without the introduction of CARBOJET.”

Speaking of the group’s cost effective and innovative technology to be displayed in Dusseldorf, Sami Ahonen, Product Manager of the Heat Treatment Department of Linde Gas, commented, “With CARBOJET we are able to offer a unique solution to the market, that differentiates us from competing gas companies or furnace manufacturers. We are proud of the high satisfaction expressed by our clients with Linde’s new heat treatment solution.”