Servomex has updated its industry-leading DF-500 ultra-trace oxygen analyser range with performance-enhancing new firmware and an improved user interface.

Widely acknowledged as the industry-standard for ultra-trace O2 analysis, Servomex’s DF-500 analysers are optimised for semiconductor, LED and specialty gas applications that depend on exceptional ultra high purity (UHP) gas quality.

The DF-550E and DF-560E use a unique Coulometric E-sensor to measure down to 200ppt and 45ppt respectively – the latter the very lowest measurement available to the industry.

Offering unprecedented reliability from large analytical headroom, the DF-500 analysers offer fast measurement response and quick upstep recovery to avoid running blind when process problems occur. And with the solid-state Coulometric sensor delivering a direct O2 measurement, rather than using unwieldy catalytic processes that require flammable hydrogen to function, the DF-500 series delivers a measurement that is not only highly sensitive but completely safe.

The measurement capability of the DF-500 series has been improved even further by brand new firmware that ensures exceptional low-end stability.

Specially designed to eliminate the spurious effects of background noise at very low ppb levels, the resultant performance produces a stable measurement that meets the most demanding requirements.

The DF-500 series has also received an operational upgrade with the incorporation of a new graphical menu interface. Designed to make operation easier by making measurement information more easily accessible, the improved interface gives users additional confidence that their system is delivering optimum performance.

All of the performance and graphical user interface improvements are incorporated into a smart and distinctive new housing.

“In semiconductor and specialty gas markets, the DF-500 series is synonymous with exceptional oxygen measurement accuracy,” said Jim Belanger, Global Product Manager – Trace Products, Servomex.

“The new upgrades keep the performance of these analysers even further ahead of the competition, while making operation even easier than ever – enabling our customers to focus on their applications with even great confidence.”