Mitsui and CF Industries want to explore the development of blue ammonia projects in the US to support the broad interest in blue and green hydrogen, as well as ammonia, to meet the world’s clean energy needs.

Inking a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on Monday (August 10), the duo said they will execute various preliminary studies of the feasibility of blue ammonia production, including supply chain infrastructure, CO2 transportation and storage, expected environmental impacts and blue ammonia economics.

Hydrogen is utilised in the production of ammonia and thus the recent surges in hydrogen production capabilities in the US has seen an increase in ammonia creation.

Blue ammonia generally related to the production of ammonia with its by-product carbon dioxide (CO2) removed through carbon capture and sequestration (CCS). Demand for blue ammonia is expected to grow significantly as a decarbonised energy source, both for its hydrogen content or as a fuel itself.

On the partnership plans, Tony Will, President and CEO of CF Industries Holdings, said, “As countries and industries continue to develop plans to achieve net-zero carbon emissions, there is broad interest in blue and green hydrogen and ammonia to help meet the world’s clean energy needs.”

“CF Industries and Mitsui share a belief that blue ammonia will play a critical role in accelerating the world’s transition to clean energy and that demand for blue ammonia will grow meaningfully.”

“We are pleased to collaborate with Mitsui and leverage the world class expertise to both companies to explore the development of blue ammonia in the US to meet this expected demand.”