Linde has announced it is expanding its CO2 production and distribution capacity in the northeast of the US, strengthening the largest CO2 supply network in the country as a result.

In North America, Linde has a CO2 production and distribution network consisting of more than 40 plants and depots and is set to develop this extensive network even further. A new rail depot with 500 tonnes of beverage-quality CO2 storage has begun operating in Attleboro, Massachusetts, supplying food, beverage and industrial customers in northern New England and serving as a key distribution point for Linde’s new 600 tpd plant currently under construction in Fulton, New York.

Leo Watson, CO2 product manager for Linde North America, commented, “The Attleboro and Fulton combination will improve supply reliability for our customers in the New England and Mid-Atlantic states. These locations enable Linde to move closer to our customers. We can deliver CO2 more efficiently to our existing rail depots in Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania and more easily supply customers located along the major northeast interstate highways.”

The Linde Group is one of the leading global gases and engineering companies and CO2 that would otherwise be vented into the atmosphere is cleaned and liquefied by Linde for use in food and beverage production, medical procedures and a range of industrial processes.

The company’s Attleboro depot was designed to ensure customers receive the highest quality CO2 to meet stringent process requirements and the latest analyser technology was installed to ensure purity standards are met or exceeded, in accordance with those standards set by the International Society of Beverage Technologists.

In Fulton, Linde is building the plant at the Permolex International/NEB ethanol plant and it is the region’s first in almost 20 years.