Pennsylvania-based safety hose manufacturer, LifeGuard Technologies, has been issued US Patent No. 10,344,902, by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

The patent is related to the development of the Accordion Seal – an advancement in hose technology by creating a “seal-less” seal for LifeGuard Tri-Bolt Breakaway design. 

LifeGuard Technologies now has six issued patents, validating itself as a leading safety hose manufacturer. 

“We are extremely pleased with the continued expansion of our patent portfolio and the new ‘902 patent provides further recognition of the quality of the innovation being carried out by LifeGuard team,” said Andy Abrams, Executive Vice-President of LifeGuard Technologies.

Previously, breakaway devices have required a seal to connect the two halves of the valves or device together but the seal, often made from PTFE or similar material will leak over time. 

LifeGuard Tri-Bolt Breakaway Hose with the “Accordinan Seal™” eliminates all leaks through the patented Shear-Tube™ which is welded to both sides of the LifeGuard Fitting and only separates during catastrophic hose failure – not before.