Hailing from North Carolina, Hoffer Flow Controls has introduced the Integrated Cryogenics Electronics (ICE) flow metering system for tanker truck applications.

Utilising its 40 years of experience, Hoffer Flow Controls has engineered a device with the operator in mind, with a user-friendly interface featuring 4.3’ full colour LCD touch screen and accessible panel-sealed buttons.

From the interface the operator can gain direct access to all measurement and configuration parameters including four distinct modes of operation; namely, delivery, maintenance, turbine calibration and system configuration.

The device has been designed for ease of use with a numeric keypad on the touch screen allowing quick data input and password entry.

According to Hoffer, it’s not just user-friendly, but durable and hard-wearing. The ICE device comes in a rugged aluminium enclosure and is fitted with shock mounts or an optional articulated bracket. Meanwhile the back panel meets military standard with environmentally, military style electrical connectors for all standard and optional I/O connections.

ICE also supports the measurement of several predefined liquids: LIN, LOX, LAR, CO2, Single Pipe, CO2 Dual Pipe, LNO2 and LNG. Moreover, ICE is NTEP certified by the National Conference on Weights and Measures.