In response to the coronavirus pandemic, Vaisala has developed multiple products to meet the increasing demands from health conscious societies.

Many of Vaisala’s products and systems provide a major contribution in the fight against communicable diseases, such as the coronavirus.

When the virus was arguably at its peak in the city of Wuhan, China, Vaisala received an express order for its GMP231 carbon dioxide transmitters to monitor and control carbon dioxide levels in incubators. 

The incubators are used for the cultivation of microorganisms, such as a virus; to help develop a vaccine. The main role of the GMP231 probes is to ensure the carbon dioxide levels inside the incubators maintain the optimal pH level for cultivation.

Vaisala’s measurement technology has also been employed in frontline bio-decontamination work to kill harmful organisms such as viruses on surfaces, during the coronavirus outbreak.

For example, Cleamix Oy performed hydrogen peroxide vapor bio-decontamination work in South Korea during the coronavirus outbreak in early 2020.

The Cleamix portable hydrogen peroxide vapor generators use Vaisala’s HPP270 series probes to monitor and control vapor output during bio-decontamination.

Vaisala’s industrial instruments and systems are also routinely employed to monitor critical conditions in a wide variety of pharmaceutical and healthcare applications.

Monitoring is essential in these circumstances because most pharmaceutical production processes, including transport and storage, have to be undertaken in strictly controlled environmental conditions. 

Vaisala’s technologies are therefore utilised in research, manufacturing, cleanroom, processing, distribution and storage environments involving products such as vaccines, drugs, blood, biologics etc.