Vaisala has released six new models in the GMW80 CARBOCAP® Carbon Dioxide, Temperature, and Humidity Transmitter series.

The new GMW83 suite of transmitters complement the current GMW80 product range, fulfilling customer requirements for standard demand-controlled ventilation and for spaces occupied 24/7.

These transmitters are used in a variety of locations, including office buildings, hospitals, and factories by building automation and integrator companies in order to improve the efficiency of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.

GMW83 Transmitters Now Available

The GMW83 suite of transmitters is specifically designed for spaces with demand-controlled ventilation. The six new GMW83 product versions include models with or without humidity measurement, as well as models with the following options; display, CO2 LED indicator lights, and temperature setpoint.

Vaisala’s carbon dioxide, humidity, and temperature transmitters incorporate the second-generation CARBOCAP® technology and use the Microglow light source technology which improves their reliability and stability to a new level.

Microglow is a Vaisala-patented, silicon MEMS emitter infrared source. Manufactured in Finland by Vaisala, this unique low-power light source replaces the filament lamp enabling an extended lifetime and better stability than ever before, up to 15 years.

Easy Installation and Low Maintenance Costs

The GMW80 series transmitters include a number of subtle design features that make the installation and commissioning quick and easy. The transmitters are ready for use immediately and they will show correct CO2 readings right away after a two-minute installation without any adjustment period. Vaisala has designed the sensor in a way that minimizes maintenance, further helping to reduce costs. The low product life cycle costs are achieved thanks to the second-generation CARBOCAP® technology and the latest Microglow technology. These two lead to superior stability and lower power consumption and a longer product lifetime.

As the power consumption is low, the heat generated by the electronics does not distort the temperature inside the sensor. Moreover, the sensors’ operational life is increased by the low operating temperatures.

Unlike many other devices on the market, Vaisala GMW80 series transmitters are designed to give reliable and valid measurements even in spaces occupied 24/7 without readjustments.

Through simplified and intelligent optical design fewer components are required, which helps to increase overall reliability of the sensor. The reliable operation and accurate measurement values of the GMW80 series transmitters contribute to significant cost savings brought by demand-controlled ventilation.