Vaisala, a global leader in environmental and industrial measurement, has highlighted how online monitoring can complement more traditional sampling methods.

Vaisala’s new MHT410, quickly delivers accurate hydrogen (H2) and moisture data directly from transformer oil. Used in conjunction with traditional methods, the device allows for greater proactivity in transformer maintenance and reduces the potential for inconsistencies in data analysis.

Online sampling cuts down on the logistics and travel involved by continuously measuring and monitoring transformer oil and providing real-time data on the concentration of gases in the oil.

The MHT410 acts as an early warning system for H2 and moisture build-up, with its instant results reducing the need for more frequent manual sampling, and boosting the reliability of transformer health diagnoses.

Steven Jiroutek, Business Development Manager at Vaisala, stated, “Traditional sampling methodologies have relied on scheduled, typically annual, laboratory analyses to evaluate a transformer’s health.”

“By combining these with more recent developments in online monitoring, however, utilities have much more information at their fingertips - allowing them to more efficiently monitor the state of their transformer fleet, and make better-informed decisions that will ultimately extend transformer lifetimes,” Jiroutek continued.

While traditional industry methods of oil sampling provide a momentary ‘snapshot’ of the oil’s composition at a particular moment in time, online monitoring allows for the examination of longer-term trends. In turn, these trends can reveal and help prevent the development of critical faults and transformer breakdown.