Valcor Engineering Corporation, a manufacturer of custom precision fluid controls, motion controls, and turnkey systems for a variety of industries, is now offering custom parallel pressure regulators.

The product offering can help Programme Managers of aerospace propulsion systems to help overcome frequent challenges with minimising the development cost of programmes.

As programme requirements are firmed up, system design engineers probe the industry to ascertain the availability of components that can meet the system requirements.

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Source: Valcor Engineering

One of the most complex and costly of these propulsion system components is the mechanical pressure regulator (PR).

It is usually a challenge to find PRs that can service the inlet pressures, outlet pressures and flow rates of newly developed systems. 

To that end, a significant benefit to system designers is to have the ability to utilise existing PRs in new propulsion systems.

Using multiple PRs can potentially solve this problem, but historically, parallel PRs (and other mechanical valves) have demonstrated harmful instabilities when plumbed in parallel, and therefore, this arrangement has always been viewed as undesirable.

Valcor has helped several customers meet higher flow demanding applications with dual/parallel PR sets. Valcor’s PRs utilise technologies that produce fast responding and stable PRs. 

They have tested several different size PRs (with large variations in inlet pressure, outlet pressure and flow rates) in dual/parallel arrangements. These tests have demonstrated increased flow without any dynamic instability.

“The test results from a system of two identical pressure regulators, operated in parallel, without any adverse interactions are a testament to the unique design features and robust construction of the Valcor pressure regulators,” stated Paul Meyers, Aerospace Sales & Marketing Director.