Valve and fluid control component specialist Valcor Engineering Corporation (Valcor) has released its new white paper, ‘Operational Excellence, and Why It Matters.’

As a designer and manufacturer of custom precision fluid and motion controls for a range of industries from space and nuclear to scientific/industrial, the company aims to incorporate the principles of ‘Operational Excellence’ into its daily operations. 

With the formal concept of Operational Excellence considered relatively new, companies have sought to include it as both a philosophy and strategy to improve corporate culture. 

This was evidenced by Japan’s adoption of the concept, leading to the country becoming a leader in high quality products, dissolving its pre-war reputation as a provider of low-quality knock-off products. 

“Strong Operational Excellence strategies are critical to companies striving for growth,” commented Taylor Melchionna, Senior Director, Organisational & Strategic Development, Valcor. 

“When executed correctly, the strategy drives business process and culture improvement, which allows companies to exceed customer expectations.” 

The new white paper explores the evolution of Operational Excellence from its origins to its integration into US corporate culture in the 1980s, and how Valcor has utilised it to improve every area of the company. 

Having created an entire team dedicated to Operational Excellence, Valcor has advanced its drive towards achieving ‘One Team’ by creating the Valcor Cultural Touchstones, a company philosophy that focuses on fostering ethics and integrity and driving a ‘winning attitude’.

The full white paper is available to read here.