Designer and manufacturer of custom precision fluid and motion controls, Valcor Engineering Corporation (Valcor) has released its new white paper entitled, “Low-Cost Valves for High-Volume Satellite Propulsion.”

The company, which designs controls for space, aircraft, nuclear, and scientific/industrial industries, discusses the potential role that latch valves and regulators play in the growth of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite constellations. 

Source: Valcor

Commenting on Valcor’s technology, Larry Wismer, Senior Director of Sales & Marketing, Valcor, said, “Overall, these low-cost latch valves and regulators enable the economic viability of broadband LEO satellite constellations aimed at meeting the demand for high-speed internet service.” 

“These products complement our thruster valve, service valve and propellant tank products – thereby completing Valcor’s portfolio of in-space propulsion systems components.

The increasing demand for high-speed internet has seen a proliferation of broadband LEO satellite constellations. 

With high satellite costs impeding adoption and development, Valcor’s valve technology could provide a solution. 

Although propelled through electric means, these satellites still require valves to control the flow of noble gases used in their propulsion systems. 

Source: Valcor

Valcor’s ‘low-cost’ latch valve reduces weight and launch costs, in addition to helping reduce propellant consumption, extending satellite life and lowering life cycle costs. 

The company has released a ‘companion component’ to the valve, a compact pressure regulator designed for high-volume in space propulsion.

The full whitepaper is available to view here.