Vanzetti Engineering has successfully gained approval from Air Liquide for its HP Automatic Valve for O2.

The Air Liquide \\$quot;Centre de Technology et dExpertises\\$quot; at Le Blanc Mesnil has successfully carried out on Vanzetti Engineering automatic valve ignition tests according to EN ISO 7291 standard. The tests were carried out with oxygen at 60 degrees centigrade, at a 360 bar pressure.

Commenting on the achievement, Mr Antonio Murolo, General Manager of Vanzetti Engineering and who was also the person that went to Air Liquide CTE and followed all the tests steps with Air Liquide staff said, \\$quot;The result of long time experience in safety of gas filling systems.\\$quot;

The Vanzetti Engineering group has been active since the 1980s in the planning and construction of machinery for maintenance, inspection, tests and filling of extinguishers and gas cylinders.

GM of Vanzetti Engineering Mr Murolo///Photo courtesy of Vanzetti Engineering

Since 1987, the company has been active in the industrial gas market by supplying high quality equipment for transfer, vaporisation and conditioning of compressed and liquefied gases in the industrial, medical and special gas sectors.

Vanzetti Engineering categorises its business into three fields of activities that form the \\$quot;core\\$quot; of Vanzetti. The three areas are Compressed and Liquefied Gases, Fire-fighting and Pressurised Containers Maintenance and Test.

In 2004, Vanzetti Engineering started the production of high tech cryogenic pumps at its facilities. Now they design and manufacture a wide range of cryogenic pumps both centrifugal and reciprocating.

Vanzetti Engineering have installed their plants and appliances in over 200 filling stations worldwide. They have also supplied a number of multinational groups including five of the tier one gas companies.