Vanzetti Engineering has opened its new offices in Argentina, South America.

According to the company Vanzetti America S.r.l. project represents a great challenge for Vanzetti Engineering, as Central and South America are big markets with high potentialities.

The company said: \\$quot;Besides being a sales office, Vanzetti America is a production plant for the assembly and manufacturing of Vanzetti Engineering components and systems.

\\$quot;The mission of the new subsidiary is to produce and distribute Vanzetti Engineering equipment (cryogenic reciprocating and centrifugal pumps, high and low pressure vaporizers, industrial gas filling stations, equipment for cylinders\\$quot; maintenance and testing), together with the supply of comprehensive after-sales programme (spare parts and accessories supply, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, training).\\$quot;

Vanzetti America is located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is managed by experienced local staff and it covers an area of about 1.000 sqm.

Vanzetti America is determined to become a regional leader in the industrial gas segment by setting off a distribution network for the whole American continent. The company is also planning to open a facility in Brazil.