Italy-based respected equipment manufacturer Vanzetti Engineering has been showcasing its technology offerings for LNG applications at a leading Chinese exhibition of late.

Approaching 30 years of business, the family company is a leading proponent of cryogenic pumps and equipment and demonstrated its expertise at a number of recent events.

Vanzetti Engineering participated at NGV India 2009 in New Delhi towards the end of March, at the Beijing-based 2009 10th China International Natural Gas Automobile and Gas Station Equipment Exhibition & Summit Forum in mid April, and the Gastech 2009 event in Abu Dhabi this May.

The three events were all related to LNG and its applications, though the first two in India and Beijing dealt mainly with LNG applications in the automotive sector.

Beijing and New Delhi proved a good stage for Vanzetti Engineering to show its high level technology and components for LNG/LCNG refuelling stations.

China and India are huge markets with high potential and the company saw the opportunity to be present as Western manufacturers of cutting-edge components - featuring a higher level of technology compared to local suppliers.

Vanzetti Engineering now owns a comprehensive range of cryogenic pumps and ambient vaporizers, fulfilling a wide array of LNG/LCNG applications.

Speaking of its attendance at the events, a Vanzetti statement said, “We have been very satisfied of the contacts we got there and we hopefully believe we will obtain relevant agreements from them.”