Italian Vanzetti Engineering, a manufacturer of cryogenic pumps and equipment for filling and testing cylinders, is located in Moretta, near Turin, Italy.

The 25-year old family business was established by Mr Pierluigi Vanzetti in 1980 and within a few years the company entered the industrial gases business with the support of Mr Vanzetti’s two trusted technicians. The trio started exploring the country and the rest of the Europe in order to understand the specific needs of the larger and private industrial gas companies.

The first important milestone was eventually achieved in 1987 when Vanzetti Engineering installed a complete filling station for Adria in Italy.

Over the past year a great deal of development work has been done and as a result Vanzetti Engineering plants and appliances have been installed and used in more than 200 filling stations through Italy, Europe, North Africa and Middle East. Last year the company also achieved another important step by acquisition of high technology and know how for the production of both centrifugal and reciprocating cryogenic pumps.

Current position

Today, Vanzetti Engineering claims to be the leading manufacturer of cryogenic pumps and equipment with a high worldwide profile and strong export volume. From its 6.5 million euros turnover in 2004, 35 per cent has been exported to regions of Europe, Middle East and North Africa of which
53 per cent to multinational groups such as Praxair, Air Liquide and Messer, 35 per cent to private companies and distributors and 12 per cent to other organisations.

World gas market has grown in the last year and a positive market trend is estimated for the coming years as well. Significant results are expected for the gas equipment manufacturers and Vanzetti Engineering estimates a market share erosion of about 3 – 5 per cent a year.

Mr Vanzetti commented: “We are currently investing a lot in terms of human resources and capital. These investments are made in order to strengthen our products in terms of quality and efficiency and in order to open our doors to new geographic markets.

“The new target will be reached due to new efforts made by our research and development (R&D) department and new assets for innovative equipment to test our production.”

In 2006 the company’s R&D department will be heavily involved in new projects related to LNG and welding application.

Competitors and product line

Vanzetti Engineering has two main international competitors that have the same complete product range. Vanzetti also competes with some other companies that are focused on specific components of a filling station such as cryogenic pumps and filling systems.

However, according to Mr Vanzetti his company has reached a significant market share, thanks to its broad range of products, high flexibility of responding to customer needs and skill to realise the complete engineering of filling station and components. Compared to its competitors, Vanzetti Engineering is at the 4th level of this market.

Through the years the company has implemented innovative and high tech equipment for transfer, vaporisation and conditioning of industrial, medical and special gases. Its cryogenic pump range for example now fulfils most requirements of transferring oxygen, nitrogen, argon, CO2 and N2O.

Currently three areas form the core of Vanzetti Engineering business. Compressed and liquefied gas business unit offers a comprehensive range of modular products such as cryogenic fluid pumping, vaporisation, gas type evaluation and calculation and refilling systems, fire fighting business involves planning and construction of machineries for maintenance, inspection, tests and filling of extinguishers and pressurised containers maintenance and testing covers the field of fire extinguishers and compressed and liquefied gas cylinders.

Vanzetti Engineering has now reached a high quality standard in planning, manufacturing and servicing in all these three fields. The VISION 2000 (April 2003) certificate, following the previous ISO 9001 standard, has promoted the application of an even more effective quality system and set up a continuous improvement process that involves the whole company.

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