Vanzetti Equipment has just developed the Totem Auto Bag, an advanced filling station for achieving the automatic refilling of powder extinguishers.

By exploiting the components and concept of the extinguisher production units, it enables the operators to get the most from extinguisher maintenance. Top-of-the-range among powder filling units, the station allows users to achieve the automatic filling of the portable extinguishers from 1 to 12kg - and the wheeled ones by means of an optional kit.

A company statement said, “This equipment is high-performing, efficient and very fast, fulfilling the productivity needs of the most demanding maintenance technicians. With it you can refill up to 600 extinguishers in eight hours (capacity 6kg, depending on the powder type).”

Controlled by electronic scale and PLC, the special charge separator is the core of the unit, allowing a quick and exact refilling of powder extinguishers and avoiding any powder dispersion in the working area (making it dust free).

The unit also includes a one tonne silo which can be easily and quickly filled by conveying the powder directly from the Big-Bag, by means of the special discharger with filter. The high-performance vacuum pump works as a suction fan for filling the silo and the extinguishers.

An automotive version can be installed on a van and is also available, and is called Totem Matic Car. It is the best solution for users carrying out large maintenance interventions at the customers’ site.