Vega Instruments has just released its new cryogenic gas measurement tool, allowing reliable level measurement of liquefied gases in cryogenic conditions.

The low temperature version of the Vegapuls 63 can be used in applications up to -170°C, where liquefied gases in vessels need to be monitored. The new product is specifically designed for the needs of the cryogenic gas industry and is made with ease of use in mind. For this reason the device even allows the measurement of gases still contained in vessels, though it is recommended that the level measurement be carried out in a connecting standpipe.

To protect the electronics against extremely low temperatures, a temperature adapter has been integrated into the unit's sensor. This allows the electronics housing to remain accessible whilst the process fitting can be kept completely isolated. It also performs to a high standard and the sensor has an Ex zone approval in the temperature range of -170 to +150°C.