Velocys, the company at the forefront of smaller scale gas-to-liquids (GTL), announces that the UK High Court has ordered an immediate injunction restraining CompactGTL’s infringing activities and payment of approx. £1.4m to Velocys.

Following the UK High Court’s ruling upholding the Velocys patents in suit and judging CompactGTL to be infringing them both the Court has now ordered an immediate injunction restraining CompactGTL from infringing the patents or enabling, procuring, or assisting any third party to infringe the patents.

In addition to being used at its Wilton plant in the UK, CompactGTL confirmed to the Court that the same infringing technology was the subject of its activities with Petrobras (CompactGTL operated a demonstration plant at a Petrobras facility in Aracaju, Brazil).

The Court also ordered CompactGTL to pay approx. £1.4m to Velocys for its legal costs to date. The case is continuing, with determination of damages to Velocys expected after receipt of additional disclosures from CompactGTL regarding its activities.

Velocys has a very substantial patent portfolio comprising more than 900 patents, covering a broad range of countries, which protects key inventions relevant to smaller scale GTL. The company also holds a significant inventory of trade-secrets which it has gained through years of development and practice.

Equivalents of the two patents in this case have also been approved in numerous other jurisdictions around the world, including places where smaller scale GTL might be deployed, such as the United States and Canada, and countries where FT reactors and other associated equipment might be manufactured, such as Japan and South Korea.