Air Product's displayed its new mobile hydrogen fueler at the 2nd Annual New Energy Symposium and New York Hydrogen Expo in late July, exhibiting its versatility in making the short trek from its current fueling base in the state of New York to another location in the state's capital city.

The relocation to the second fueling area was to provide hydrogen for several automobiles powered by hydrogen fuel cells or hydrogen internal combustion engines participating in public ride and drive demonstrations at the event.

Bob Kelly, business development manager for Hydrogen Energy Systems at Air Products, comments, $quot;We were pleased to be providing hydrogen for six different models of hydrogen fuel cell powered automobiles or hydrogen internal combustion engine vehicles. It was convenient to have a mobile fueler already close to this Conference in Albany, but this opportunity served to demonstrate the convenience of being able to safely transport this hydrogen fueling technology from location to location for special events or dedicated testing in certain climates or conditions.$quot;

The Air Products mobile hydrogen fueler comes complete with fueling storage and dispensing and can be transported from location to location, providing hydrogen fueling for promotional demonstrations or remote endurance testing.

The event, which offered a chance to share industry trends and opportunities related to emerging energy and environmental technologies, was presented by New Energy New York and the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering's Energy and Enviromental Technology Applications Centre.
Sponsored by the New York State Research and Development Authority, the event was held from 30th-31st July.