Huntingdon Fusion Techniques (HFT®) division, Pipestoppers®, has developed a cylindrical and spherical range of inflatable stoppers for pipe plugging and stopping.

Ron Sewell, Chairman for HFT said, “Common applications for the cylindrical and spherical range of inflatable stoppers include debris stopping, leak testing, plumbing operations and weld purging.”

“Cylindrical Inflatable Stoppers will not ‘turn over’ inside a pipe when under pressure, because they are longer than their diameter. Spherical stoppers are used where the position of the stoppers is not important, so can be placed at any angle to make a seal,” he continued.

All inflatable stoppers are manufactured with a strong internal latex balloons covered in a waterproof polyurethane coated nylon bag for low friction and to prevent the production of static electricity or accidental sparking. For petrochemical resistant applications these will have the bladders inside a petrochemical resistant housing.

Inflatable Stoppers are particularly useful when one or more can be inserted into a small opening close to a work location, rather than at the end of the pipe, tank or vessel. No high-pressure equipment is needed for inflation.

The standard range of inflatable stoppers is available for immediate delivery in cylindrical or spherical formats with sizes ranging from 1 to 96” (25 to 2,440 mm).

Heat resistant covers are available to protect them against temperatures up to 300ºC (572ºF).

HFT also has a range of rubber inflatable stoppers that are suitable higher pressures, and these are resistant to all hydrocarbon fluids and gases.

HFT's range of inflatable stoppers

HFT’s range of inflatable stoppers

Source: Huntingdon Fusion Techniques