Versum Materials, Inc. and NuMat Technologies have announced a global, commercial agreement to offer a new line of products for the safe storage and delivery of dopant gases such as arsine, phosphine and boron trifluoride.

The new product line is called ION-X® and is based on revolutionary Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs) which can selectively absorb, store and safely deliver ultrahigh purity gases at sub-atmospheric pressures.

ION-X® offers performance advantages over traditional carbon-based absorbent technology used in the ion implant processes for the manufacture of semiconductor devices.

Jim Minicucci, General Manager for Versum’s Process Materials, Asia, commented, “NuMat and Versum are combining their respective leadership positions, with NuMat manufacturing the proprietary MOFs and Versum harnessing its world-class global footprint to manufacture, commercialise, and distribute the ION-X® product globally. Building on our long-history in specialty gases, we plan to design and construct a new ION-X® dopant gas fill plant at our production site in Sihwa, South Korea.”

Ed Shober, Senior Vice-President of Materials at Versum Materials, added, “We are excited about working together with NuMat Technologies to deliver ION-X® products to our global customer base. ION-X® represents a new and differentiated growth opportunity, is complementary to our Process Materials business, and further aligns with our core competencies as a leading specialty gas manufacturer and supplier.”

Echoing this sentiment of opportunity, NuMat Technologies CEO Ben Hernandez said, “We are pleased to announce our agreement with Versum Materials to globally commercialise ION-X®. This relationship with Versum represents a strategic pairing of NuMat’s differentiated technology platform with Versum’s operational, quality and commercial leadership in the semiconductor industry.”

”We look forward to executing against a shared mission of delivering value and innovation to customers.”

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Snapshot – Versum Materials

Air Products completed the separation of its former Electronics Materials Division through the spin-off of Versum Materials, Inc. (Versum) in October 2016.

The company immediately began ‘regular way’ trading on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the symbol ‘VSM’ and has since gone on to break ground on a new multimillion-dollar R&D laboratory project at its chemical manufacturing site in its hometown of Pennsylvania (May 2017).

The new facility will house a state-of-the-art R&D laboratory for new materials used in the manufacture of semiconductors. Scientists in the facility expect to synthesise and purify new molecules up to parts-per-trillion impurity levels using the latest technologies available in the industry.