The Delivery Systems and Services Group (DS&S) of Versum Materials, Inc. has sold and commissioned its 200th CHEMGUARD® Gen. III Refill System.

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Source: Versum Materials

The product line of high purity, liquid delivery systems was launched in early 2016, with the 200 units now running in the latest high-volume semiconductor fabrication plants globally.

David Eshelman, Product Manager, explained, “The specific needs of today’s specialty, flammable or highly-energetic modules have been addressed by the unique CHEMGUARD Gen III model designs.”

“The established CHEMGUARD system continues to advance to meet the demands of a changing marketplace,” he added.

Verusm’s DS&S group designs and manufactures delivery equipment for high purity gas and liquid distribution. It has been supplying advanced materials and delivery systems to the global semiconductor and electronics markets for more than 30 years.