Sustainable fuel technology company Vertimass will partner with Danish renewables expert European Energy to integrate technologies that will allow for the capture of carbon dioxide (CO2) to be converted into hydrogen carbon products such as sustainable aviation fuels (SAFs).

Following the signing of a Letter of Intent (LOI), the project aims to combine Vertimass’ experience in producing sustainable fuels with European Energy’s background in renewable energy projects, including e-methanol production. 

Earlier this year the companies joined forces to assess the coupling of their respective technologies as an initial proof of concept. 

According to Charles Wyman, CEO, Vertimass, the company aims to feed methanol synthetised from CO2 using renewable electricity generated by European Energy technology to the company’s single-stage reactor, resulting in the formation of hydrocarbons. 

“Combining these technologies could not only produced SAFs and other hydrocarbon fuels with net zero carbon emissions but also mitigate climate change by converting CO2 into renewable plastics, thus permanently removing this greenhouse gas from the atmosphere,” he added.