Gasmet Technologies, a gas monitoring solution company, has created a video (below) demonstrating its portable Gasmet gas analyser being used for field research.

Source: Gasmet Technologies©

A press release from the Finnish corporation signified that the measurement of greenhouse gases (GHGs) from soil is “a vital and growing area of climate change research,” so the video seeks to demonstrate the speed and simplicity with which GHG measurements can be taken in the field.

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), around 40% of total nitrous oxide (N2O) emissions come from human activity, the majority of which is derived from the management of agricultural soil.

Portable Gasmet gas analysers are currently being operated by researchers all over the world, including measuring production consumption and exchange of GHGs in the Arctic, and measuring GHGs from soil within biofuel crops in Texas, US.

Global climate deal

The video has been produced, together with researchers from the University of Helsinki, as an educational stunt to explain the sources and sinks of greenhouse gases following the agreement made at the Paris climate conference (COP21) in Paris in December 2015.

At the summit, 195 countries entered into a legally binding worldwide climate deal in order to limit global temperatures to below 2°C.


Gasmet Technologies, headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, is a manufacturer of gas monitoring instruments and systems for a range of industrial and environmental applications.