Finnish technology company, Vaisala, has introduced an easy-to-install wireless carbon dioxide (CO2) measurement solution that will simplify incubator monitoring and save costs for customers.

The new solution utilises the measurement stability and accuracy of Vaisala’s CO2 probe, GMP251, and combines it with their wireless RFL100 data logger.

This combination allows the technology to provide reliable CO2 percentage measurements for incubators used, for example, in cell culturing, gene therapy, and vaccine research.

Of the new solution, Product Manager Anniina Uotila of Industrial Measurements, Vaisala, said, “Traditional carbon dioxide measurement installations take up a lot of space and can be complicated to install and maintain, not to mention the related cost.”

“The RFL100’s CO2 configuration enables a much simpler, wireless setup that is ideal for incubators in both strictly regulated GxP and less regulated non-GxP applications.”

Cost is reduced by eliminating the need for expensive Ethernet connectivity for each data logger.

Using a multi-faceted approach, the RFL100 provides several different measurements in a single data logger, such as CO2 percentage, temperature, and humidity.

With useability being prioritised, it is compatible with several probes, including the GMP251 CO2 probe, Vaisala’s TMP115 temperature probe, and the HMP115 and HMP110 temperature and relative humidity probes.