Vendor Managed Gas Telemetry (VMG) has unveiled two new smart manifolds to work with its telemetry and leak tester products.

Source: VMG

Automatic Reserve Fill Smart Manifold

The Automatic Reserve Fill Smart ManifoldTM is a patent pending manifold that automatically switches over to the reserve cylinder, so you never need to worry about downtime caused from running out of product.

“The Automatic Reserve Fill Smart Manifold equalises pressure between cylinders meaning you only ever need to change out the primary side,” VMG said in a statement.

“This minimises human interaction and helps eliminate errors in switching cylinders and can reduce storage space needed for reserve cylinders. This new manifold works with all inert gases (nitrogen, helium, argon, welding mix and beer gas) and is optimal in applications where microbulk is not an option – bars and restaurants, laser gases, welding, and research facilities.”

Source: VMG

Automatic Switchover Smart Manifold

The new Automatic Switchover Smart ManifoldTM automatically changes to the reserve cylinders, so you never have to worry about changing sides or running out of product. The two-stage pressure control allows users to receive constant pressure and flow, eliminating the need for in-shift gas changeouts and minimising lost product or downtime. VMG says the product “works great with carbon dioxide (especially when combined with a scale), oxygen, and flammable gases”.

Cincinnati, Ohio-based VMG, which was created by Wright Brothers, a third-generation industrial gas distributor, added, “Combining either ‘Smart’ manifold with a VMG Telemetry System provides a form of site management that allows users and gas suppliers the ability to monitor gas levels, line pressures, detect leaks and view overall usage in real-time. The system is quick and easy to install because the collector and sensor self-pair. The dashboard provides a place to view readings, monitor alerts and warnings, and place orders. With VMG, customers and distributors know when new cylinders are required, so they always have a constant gas supply without interruption and never experience downtime or need emergency cylinder deliveries.”

VMG advises that when installing or checking manifolds to use a VMG Leak Tester to get real time pressure readings that can help make sure the system is holding pressure. There are two tester options – one with a digital read out and one that works with Bluetooth and a phone app.