Carbon dioxide and vodka: not two words you would usually hear in a sentence, but a New York company has made vodka from captured carbon dioxide as a profitable way to capture and reuse greenhouse gases.

Technology and lifestyle firm Air Co said it has created the “world’s purest, most sustainable vodka” with two key ingredients: air and water.

Air Co uses solar power to capture excess carbon from the air, which is distilled and filtered to produce ethanol, the base ingredient for all alcoholic drinks.

This is unlike traditional vodka which is typically made by fermenting grains such as potatoes.

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Source: Air Co

A 750ml bottle of the company’s first product, Air Vodka, costs $65 and can be found in bars and restaurants around New York City, allowing consumers to make actionable steps to a cleaner future. According to Air Co, each bottle of vodka is equal to the daily CO2 intake of eight trees.

“With the care of craft distilleries and a breakthrough technology all our own, we found a way to transform the planet’s most prevalent elements into its highest quality, most pristine vodka. And it’s all driven by the power of the sun,” Air Co said.

“As the first and only carbon-negative alcoholic beverage, we scrutinise every aspect of our production process – from sourcing to supply chain, and everything in between.”

“Our goal is zero environmental impact and by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and replacing it with oxygen, our vodka distillation process is a strong start.”