Vogtlin Instruments has secured a deal with Japan’s Horibastec, the world’s largest mass flow controller manufacturer to the semiconductor industry, which will sell the Swiss company’s products to the Japanese market.

Horiba Europe’s Vice President, Stuart Knight, said, “Horiba have a powerful sales and distribution network globally, especially strong in Japan. We are always looking to fully exploit this sales power by identifying partners with complementary products that may fill gaps in our own product portfolio.”

“We have recognised the quality and flexibility of this Swiss mass flow supplier and we expect their product line up will be widely accepted by our customers. We look forward to a long term mutually beneficial relationship with Vogtlin Instruments.”

Fabian Waltz, Vogtlin Instruments’ Managing Director added, “We are very pleased to work together with Horibastec in Japan. Vogtlin Instruments’ products fit perfectly to fill a gap in Horibastec’s product range.”

“We are glad to be working with one of Japan’s leading flow control suppliers and feel confident that this relationship will increase our market share in one of the world’s largest economies.”