The Volkswagen Group’s first LNG-powered car freighter has arrived in the port of Davisville, Rhode Island, US.

Siem Confucius left Emden, Germany on 16th June to embark on its first voyage, which includes this one stop in the US before heading to the Gulf of Mexico.

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Powered by LNG, the car carrier will help to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and is an important part of Volkswagen’s global decarbonisation strategy.

Siem Confucius is the first of two LNG-powered transatlantic ships that Volkswagen (VW) will use. Both ships have 13 car decks and the capacity to carry up to 4,800 VW vehicles at a time.

The ship’s liquified gas tanks have a capacity of approximately 475,000 gallons each, which is enough for a complete round trip of the company’s standard 12,000-nautical mile America Round Tour shipping route.


Source: Volkswagen Group