A commissioning ceremony has been held for the newly renovated nitrogen-oxygen shop at the Volzhskiy Nitrogen-Oxygen Plant.

The plant, which produces nitrogen gas and oxygen, first came on stream in 1964 and following an emergency shutdown of one of the air separation units in 2005, a decision was taken to fully renovate the nitrogen-oxygen unit.

The cost of the renovation programme was in excess of 160 million roubles.

Based on newly installed equipment for gasification and storage of liquid and gas nitrogen, the upgrade has enhanced product quality while reducing production costs and operational risks in this hazardous facility.

The design capacity of the two new units will be sufficient to supply in full the additional gas requirements of Kauchuk OJSC and Voltyre-Prom OJSC following completion of investment projects to expand their current production capacities in 2010.

Volzhskiy Nitrogen-Oxygen Plant OJSC is a subsidiary of SIBUR Holding OJSC, supplying energy resources and industrial gases to SIBUR companies within the Volzhskiy chemicals complex. The plant owns all the energy supply lines feeding SIBUR’s Volzhskiy chemicals complex. It currently employees 590 people

Development priorities at the Volzhskiy nitrogen-oxygen plant include replacing outdated equipment, reducing production costs and introducing new products, thereby cutting costs and ensuring a reliable supply of energy to SIBUR companies in the region.