Italian corporation VRV has entered into an exclusive distribution deal with Skaff Cyrogenics (SCI) to serve customers across the US and Canada.

Under the deal, of which financial details were not disclosed, SCI will become VRV’s exclusive stocking and distribution channel for North America, providing quality bulk cryogenic tanks for industrial gas, liquefied natural gas (LNG) and hydrogen (H2), as well as microbulk tanks, liquid cylinders and distribution equipment.

SCI, headquartered in New Hampshire, US, will maintain a strategic level of bulk and microbulk tanks in inventory at its stocking location to provide customers with alternative supply solutions, a high service level and competitive pricing.

VRV is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of cryogenic tanks and trailers with Global Sales Director Michael Blondin highlighting, “We export to all of the global industrial gas majors, distributors and independent gas companies but, until now, the North American market has been rather inaccessible due to the dominance of the two national manufacturers.”

“Thanks to changes in the market landscape in the US, we will now be able to combine VRV’s extensive, high-quality product range with SCI’s outstanding reputation for customer service to better serve our customers and expand our global footprint to include North America,” Blondin explained.

Steve Prefontaine, President of SCI, added, “We can say from experience that VRV provides consistently reliable, high-quality equipment that is a perfect fit to meet the high expectations SCI customers’ demands and expectations. We look forward to correcting the US and Canadian markets from overinflated costs and pay it forward, so companies of all sizes can prosper.”