VRV has been selected to design, manufacture and supply liquid carbon dioxide storage and vapourisation package for one refinery in India.

The package consists of 20,000l and 40,000l LCO2 tank with ambient and electrical vapourisers including pressure reducing skid (PRS) skid and instrumentation. The package supplied by VRV will be used to absorb limestone in desalination water and convert it to portable water.

Within another project in plants for the manufacture of polymers, fibre intermediates and chemicals, VRV has been selected to design, manufacture and supply a liquid nitrogen storage and vapourisation package which consists of 170,000l LIN tank with ambient vapourisers (3400 Nm3/hr x 2 nos) including reducing skid (PRS) and instrumentation. This system will be installed near Mumbai.

The VRV system will be used in various hydrocarbon plants like LLDP, HDP and Polymer plants. Nitrogen (being an inert gas) from the VRV system will be used for blanketing/purging purposes in the various processes.

With these orders, VRV offers its products and services to the EPC customer segments, globally.