VRV Group launches the most cost effective semi trailer in Europe by the end of the month.

The full aluminium trailer, 'Yellow', has been designed and manufactured in the company's premises in Ornago, Italy and is now ready to be presented to customers.

With the ever-increasing costs of transportation in the world of cryogenic gases, the trailer is a mean to reduce cost and enables VRV to serve more customers.

VRV marketing director Jan Van Houwenhove, explained: \\$quot;The trailer's tare weight (8,700 kg) makes the 44 ton trailer the most cost effective. With the technology used, we are capable to transport 37.500 litres of liquid nitrogen, which is the highest amount one can transport for this size of a truck.\\$quot;

With the increasing technology in the use of aluminium and the experience of the VRV group in the pressure vessel division, the company overcame the issues and problems linked to aluminium cryo trailers in the past.

VRV has used special aluminium type and stainless steel welding methods for the application. According to Houwenhove VRV's support system and insulation completes the technology. Both reliability and quality are also tested and are of a high level.

Federico Spada, CEO of the cryogenic division said: \\$quot;This trailer is the result of a perfect cooperation between the two divisions of the VRV Group. The combination of the technology and experience of the pressure vessel division and cryogenic division with the exchange of the knowledge from Cryo Diffusion were a crucial factor in this project.\\$quot;

Houwenhove continued: \\$quot;Our commercial expectations from this product are very high. The interest that customers and potential customers showed for this project gives us full confidence for the success of this 'top of the line' trailer.\\$quot;

The VRV Group - Cryogenic Division - has been specialised for nearly 40 years in fields such as cryogenic storage, custom-made under vacuums and flat-bottom versions, equipment for cryogenic transport, ambient air vaporizers, cryogenic equipment for oil and gas industry, liquid helium dewars, home care medical systems for liquid oxygen, vacuum-insulated piping and tailor-made cryogenic applications.

The new trailer will be presented to the company’s old and new customers on 24 and 25 November. The company is advising anyone interested attending the event to contact cryo@vrv.it