VRV is celebrating its 50th anniversary next year. The Italian industrial gas company, originally established in Milan, has been operating half a century in the field of design and manufacturing of pressure equipment for chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, cryogenic and power industry.

VRV cryogenic division CEO, Federico Spada, said: \\$quot;The company was established in1956 by three artisans who named it after their initials. The trio were concerned with the maintenance and repair in the pharmaceutical industry and started serving it by manufacturing components and handmade metal structural works.

'Subsequently, in the 70\\$quot;s the proprietorship changed and the company moved its headquarters from Milan to Ornago.'

Today, the company is operating from three production facilities, two located in Italy and one in Normandy, France.

The Pressure Vessel division is active in the design and manufacture of pressure equipment like reactors, columns, heat exchanges and special vessels that use materials ranging from steels and special alloys to more sophisticated materials such as Incoloy, Inconel, Hastelloy and titanium.

The 40-year-old Cryogenic division, which recently acquired the French Cryo Diffusion, is focused on the manufacturing of equipment for the storage, transport and distribution of liquefied technical gases.

The third division of VRV, Process and Equipment, is specialised in the design and manufacturing of complete units for drying, reaction, granulation of products under different forms.

Every day is a big challenge

The Italian market has seen several well-known competitors coming and going in the past few years. According to Spada VRV is today the only independent Italian manufacturer and their competition lies on international level.

'Compared to the past, the market has globalized. The future projection of our market share involves sound alliances with international partners in order to be more present on the developing markets.

'But we are confident to be able to keep up a steady double-digit development.'

Spada says that the modern facilities, technical competence, tailor-made solutions and rational use of the group\\$quot;s resources are the main factors contributing to the company\\$quot;s success.

He continued: 'We also have a team of motivated young people with a sound background with a capacity and flexibility to approach different problems and needs well. Members of the teams also exchange effectively technological information between divisions.'

Spada believe to the company\\$quot;s philosophy that every day is a big challenge. 'Being able to keep good quality standards and meet the demand of an increasingly competitive market, is itself a big success. We hope to become the market leader in our respective field.'