One of the world’s largest natural gas processing plants is currently under construction in the Amur region of Russia.

The Linde Group is responsible for engineering and procuring the natural gas liquids (NGL), nitrogen recovery unit (NRU) and helium (He) units for ethane and nitrogen (N2) extraction, as well as for purifying and liquefying He.

VTG Rail Logistics has been commissioned by Linde to transport the large-scale Asian and European-built plant components, which are needed to construct the new units, to the construction site in the Amur region. By 2023, VTG will have organised the transportation of altogether 600,000 freight tonnes of general cargo and taken on the logistics services worldwide. 

“This is one of the largest and most comprehensive projects in the history of our company,” explained Günther J. Ferk, Managing Director of VTG Rail Logistics. “Everything goes through us – from consulting, to transport planning, right through to coordinating and monitoring the global rail, truck and ship transportation.”

Complex global transportation processes

As the individual components are produced in different countries, they are transported to Russia in different ways. Those coming from Italy, China and Korea, for example, are taken by ship to the Russian port of Vladivostok, where they are then loaded into trucks and transported to the construction site. Other plant systems produced in Europe are transported by rail, covering around 10,000 track kilometers, to the Russian loading terminal in Mihajlo-Chesnokovskaja and then by truck to the site. The first shipments have already been carried out successfully.