Vyaire Medical has launched a new oxygen therapy device to advance the standard of care for those patients receiving low-flow oxygen therapy.

Dubbed AirLife™ Oxygen, the mask features various nasal cannula, oxygen mask and non-rebreather benefits to revolutionise a patient’s treatment.

To do this, Vyaire Medical’s utilised a patented design and unique geometry of the mask openings that maintain higher oxygen concentrations without obtrusive structures.

The mask design distributes oxygen flow through unique jet orifices, creating a soft curtain of oxygen around the nose and mouth, reducing the risk of rebreathing carbon dioxide.

Patients are still able to eat, drink and easily communicate without removing the mask.

“Vyaire is leveraging our rich history of innovation and expansive knowledge in respiratory care to bring to market revolutionary devices like the AirLife™ Open mask that will advance patient comfort and care while reducing the burden on clinicians,” said Gaurav Agarwal, CEO at Vyaire.

“We incorporated feedback from customers and patients from across the world and we are thrilled that the results we have seen confirm that the new design delivers the revolutionary benefits AirLife™ Open provides.”

For clinicians, AirLife™ Open allows easy adjustment of oxygen delivery from 1-15 litres per minute (LPM) without disturbing the patient.

Further to that, the device reduces the need to change out interfaces, therefore improving workflow, reducing waste and cost while delivering continuous oxygen therapy.

“We believe that when it comes to compliance and comfort, there shouldn’t be a tradeoff. AirLife™ Open is the first of many new innovations Vyaire will introduce that are patient-centric and improve the standard of care,” added Agarwal.

“For far too long, innovation within the respiratory space has been dormant, and Vyaire is working to fill that void, bringing meaningful new consumable products to market that will help everyone breathe better.”