Support agreements have been signed by technology group Wärtsilä for LNG carriers owned by Qatar-based shipping company, Nakilat.

The agreements, signed in April this year and valid for five years, state that Wärtsilä will provide 24/7 technical remote support for the vessels onboard Gas Process Plants.

As Wärtsilä is the supplier of the LNG reliquefaction systems onboard the QFlex vessels covered by the agreements, the contract also states that the customer has direct access to Wartsila’s dedicated team of LNG technical experts for specialised technical advice and remote troubleshooting.

This is projected to save from conducting costly onboard servicing by engineers and also reduce equipment downtime.

Speaking about the agreement, Samir Bailouni, Chief Operating Officer, Nakilat, said, “As the global leader in energy transportation, the efficiency and reliability of our reliquefaction systems is a key element to efficient cargo-handling operations and vessels serviceability to the customer.”

“Agreements such as these are the best way for ensuring that the products, systems, and solutions that we delivery are properly maintained, and that their reliability and performance are at the optimal level.”

Wärtsilä’s LNG technical experts are also able to ensure the operability and readiness of the system by analysing operational data from the running reliquefaction systems following each cargo loading.