The Global CCS Institute will tomorrow host a webinar under the title: CCS Talks: All you need to know about CO2 storage.

Dr Chris Consoli and Ian Havercroft, from the Global CCS Institute, will present the webinar which will take place at 12:30pm (BST).

The webinar will see Global CCS Institute Storage and Legal and Regulatory experts  create conversation around how CCS works,  the myths and misconceptions surrounding the technology and why the technology is crucial for climate change.

“Common myths and misconceptions associated with the technology include the risk of leakage of CO2 or environmental damage and permanency of the storage,” the Global CCS Institute explains.

“Concerns have also been expressed as to whether anyone will be responsible should and incident occur.”

“Decades of expertise from the oil and gas industry, as well as data from monitoring, measurement and verification of storage sites and a wealth of academic studies combine to reinforce the technology’s essential role in reducing global CO2 emissions.” 

The webinar will be moderated by Lucy Temple-Smith, Senior Advisor at the Global CCS Institute.