Switzerland-based WEKA AG has officially started to introduce its new WEKASENSE® self-calibrating cryogenic flow measurement system to the market.

The new system is the result of research at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in Germany and the development and technical realisation team at Weka.

Its important unique selling point is its innovative capability of self-calibration.

Flow measurement is a standard task wherever fluids or gases pass through pipes in the course of technical application. Many existing methods reached their limits when it came to a precise determination of the flow rate wherever fluids close to absolute zero had to be measured.

The WEKA SENSE, however, boasts an adaptive, intelligent sensor that can be calibrated under any conditions, especially when using the saved values of an intrinsic calibration for increasingly accurate measurements during operation.

WEKA – Keeping liquids and gases under control for 75 years

Correcting adulterated measurement values due to ageing or contamination is also an issue that can be avoided due to the intrinsic calibration of the WEKA SENSE. The high-precision flow measurement of the WEKA SENSE is expected to reduce operating costs after installation, as the system can be controlled more efficiently.


Source: WEKA AG

Features include:

  • Very exact and reliable determination of the flow rate due to elimination of systematic measurement errors
  • The measurement principle does not impair the process – heat input and pressure drop for the sensor are negligibly low
  • Compact design, allowing for easy integration of the sensor without having to adapt the anyway space limited system layout
  • Simple installation of the sensor in the fluid line of the cold box (of an ASU) and easy commissioning by the user
  • Simple handling and operability.

The WEKA SENSE consists of an external, 19-inch rack electronic unit and a compact sensor, which is connected to the electronic unit by the intermediate stage of a vacuum feedthrough.