Huntingdon Fusion Techniques® (HFT), a weld purging technology manufacturer, has yet again extended its range of purging products and has launched its Weld Backing TapeTM.

The new invention is an economical, glass fibre weld backing system which supports and protects the weld root from oxidation. It traps inert gas from the weld torch to hold the gas surrounding the weld pool, effectively providing a back purge facility.

Georgia Gascoyne, CEO of the UK-based business, explained, “Welding speeds can be increased and will result in neat, clean welds that will require minimal post weld attention. The cost of HFT Backing Tape is paid for on each weld by dramatically reducing welding time and cleaning.”

The tape is available in three grades which all consist of a high temperature resistant aluminium backing foil, with heat resistant bands of woven glass fibre cloth. It can also support single pass welding at weld currents up to 240 Amps without affecting the chemistry or metallurgy of the weld. 

Additionally, it is possible to weld with metal inert gas (MIG), tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding or plasma arc welding (PAW) for the joining of all metals.