A wholly-owned subsidiary of Air Liquide Southern Africa, Weld-Cut Equipment has just announced exclusive rights to distribute SAF-FRO equipment in South Africa, gaining a strong position in a high demand market.

Air Liquide Welding (ALW), based near Paris in France, has been working closely with Weld-Cut Equipment to establish a product range that would match the South African market, as well as compliment Weld-Cut’s existing product range.

After lengthy consideration of ALW’s range of product offerings, it was decided that the SAF-FRO range of welding equipment would be best suited to meet these criteria.

The addition of this brand to Weld-Cut’s already comprehensive range will place Weld-Cut Equipment in a strong position, in an extremely competitive environment.

The company will be able to offer almost any welding-related solution to a market whose requirements are constantly changing, with a steadily increasing demand for high-tech solutions.

Specialised solutions
Weld-Cut Equipment is wholly-owned subsidiary of Air Liquide Southern Africa and a supplier of industrial gases, high quality welding equipment, consumables and related products.

The scope of SAF-FRO’S offering incorporates a quality range of equipment for almost all applications including plasma cutting, SMAW (Stick electrode), GMAW (MIG), GTAW(TIG), SAW and other more specialised solutions.

Training has been conducted by ALW to ensure that Weld-Cut Equipment’s staff have the necessary technical ability to successfully market and support this range.

Training of technicians from Gauteng, Kwazulu Natal, Eastern Cape and Western Cape for repair and maintenance has also been conducted.

Weld-Cut will be introducing this range of equipment to potential customers at an official launch in Johannesburg on 11th November 2008.